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Leighann Lord


Leighann Lord is a stand-up comedian, author, and a black belt in mixed martial arts. Before the interview I had no idea that she could kill someone in a variety of interesting ways, but that’s just part of the magic of doing a podcast.

In this episode you will find out gaggles of interesting factoids:

  • How easy it is to make a living as a stand-up comic (Hint: It isn’t that  easy!)
  • What episode of the Naked Diner would be complete without talking politics?
  • Believe it  or not, people who have had happy childhoods do become successful stand-up comics!
  • Race in America — it’s a thing.

You should listen because Leighann is smart, Black woman who does stand-up comedy and does really cool things (including being on Star Talk radio with that Neil deGrasse Tyson guy).

Here is the episode.

Listen on!

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You can find out more about Leighann Lord by heading over to her site! 

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