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Vaccination2Nathan Timmel is a gifted stand-up comedian who has a lot to say. He’s been practicing the trade of the funny for fifteen years. Besides being on the road and performing in clubs around the US, he has entertained US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan a number of times.

My co-host Jack and I had a bunch of fun talking comedy, daddying, and the horrible state of politics in America with Nathan. What I still don’t really understand is how Nathan can crank out his own podcast, Idiots on Parade, is able to blog, writes a book every once in a while, and is still able to pick out his own kid in a crowd.

Oh, and the worst thing about it is the guy is professional. You all should be entertained by my, well, let’s just say my mercurial style in comparison to Nathan’s professionalism.

The episode will be live tomorrow morning!

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