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The  87th Annual National Socialist German Workers’ Party Humor Awards were last night. This celebration of comedy satirizing Nazis entertained and educated. Many present believe it was the best award ceremony of the season.

Comedian Sarah Silverman officiated. While her humor wowed the audience what everyone is talking about this morning was her daring choice of outfits from the new Brownshirt Line of fashion.

Notable presenters included Mel Brooks, Lewis Black, and New Kids on the Block. No one knows why the New Kids were booked for the event. However, everyone agrees their rendition of Springtime for Hitler was spot on.

Andrew Canard is the Chairman of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party Satirical Foundation and is credited with this year’s exploration of the Bauhaus School of Design. “If I do say so myself, putting the dancers in the big number in authentic Bauhaus Halloween costumes was pure genius.”

The Best Nazi Humor Writing Award went to Andrew Hall of Laughing in Disbelief for the piece President Trump Demands a Great Wall Like Australia’s. 

Best Comedy Special also went to Mr. Hall for The Democrat’s Blue Wall Was Our Maginot Line.

The Best Rendition of a Stuka Dive Bomber Award also went to Andrew Hall. Inside sources report he practiced for months perfecting the sound of the German aircraft.

Unfortunately, not everything was wine and roses for the event intent to undermine fascism with comedy. Humorless Twitter users picketed the event. Facebook kept trying to delete the festivity due to hate speech.

In related news, President Trump tweeted “Jesus gave us the election college.”

Canada is my backup country comes in shirts, hoodies, and mugs!


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