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The defense team for Derek Chauvin is desperate. The prosecution’s witnesses are showing how George Floyd’s murder in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on May 20, 2020, was committed with premeditation by the accused. The former police officer maliciously chose to kneel on the handcuffed suspect going against police protocols on how to interact with someone who isn’t resisting as well as handcuffed. And out of that desperation is evolving a new strategy – a religious freedom one.

The Religious Freedom To Kneel And Pray

The defense team is led by attorney Andrew J. Canard. This savvy veteran of the courtroom has a knack for knowing how jurors think. Many legal experts believe that’s why he’s developing a religious liberty strategy to make sure his client is found not guilty.

“It’s true. Derek Chauvin’s rights to exercising his evangelical faith are being assaulted by Joe Biden’s radically socialist gang of virtue signaling, cancel culture – social justice warriors,” Andrew Canard said. “The only crime my client is guilty of is praying in public.”

Canard’s team is arguing Chauvin didn’t kneel on George Floyd in order to cause harm. Rather, George Floyd was interfering with Chauvin’s praying by saying things like “I can’t breathe.”

“The real criminal here is George Floyd,” Canard said.

Trump Supporters Rally Around The Religious Freedom To Pray/Kill

Although Donald Trump is no longer in office, he still holds sway over a large portion of white supremacist evangelicals. These pro-Trump forces are ecstatic the courtroom is becoming a battleground for their definition of religious liberty.

“Do you know who was a Christian? Every member of the KKK,”  former President Donald Trump said. “They exercised their Jesus convictions, so why can’t this Derek? It’s unAmerican.”

Is there a faith-based fascist on the jury? Is there a juror willing to say Chauvin is not guilty because he was simply praying and George Floyd’s neck got in the way?

The smart money says yes. Oddsmakers in Las Vegas are taking bets on the outcome of the trial. Most people are betting that Chauvin walks away from this trial a free man.

In related news, Seventeen magazine cancels Matt Gaetz’s subscription.

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