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Furry is the newest comic out over at Jesus and Mo.



I think there should be a skeptic’s boot camp (Camp Quest, you’re about to get a million dollar idea) where attendees are exposed to the most inane and nonscientific ideas. Whoever holds back the tears/laughter/rage the longest gets a prize.

I suggest this trainwreck of knowledge to be one of the challenges.

YouTube video

Mac explaining away evolution is one of my favorite bits from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I still laugh at it, and I’ve seen the thing a gazillion times.

Back to my point…

Training people not to emotionally respond to such inane provocations will benefit all. Skeptics will have more friends. Romantic relationships will go that much easier. Little Skeptic Johnny won’t get beaten up when he LOLs at the schoolyard bully’s ad hominem argument.

Exposure to willful ignorance in a controlled environment can be beneficial.


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