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Washington DC – The Norwegian Nobel Committee sent a fake Nobel Peace Prize to the White House this morning. The note on the package stated, “For your role in making the biggest peace ever in Syria.” President Trump did not appreciate the joke award.

Anonymous sources state it took President Trump a minute or two to figure out the Golden Turd Award was not, in fact, the Nobel Peace Prize. At first, the commander-in-chief seemed quite taken with the golden shininess of the trophy. It wasn’t until Trump’s youngest son, Barron, passed by the Oval Office and told him the Nobel Committee was trolling him.

President Trump Responds To The Golden Turd

President Trump immediately penned an executive order placing Norway on his travel ban list. He then launched a Twitter attack on the Scandinavian country.

Norway? I say NO WAY! Cold country with bad ice people. You are not welcome in the USA. Not funny. I am not a turd #MAGA

Norway is ignoring President Trump, and has officially blocked him on Twitter. The country is recommending everyone block him. Norwegian Prime Minister Andrew Canard stated, “It will add years to your life, and will make you less grumpy. Your friends and family will thank you.”

In related news, anonymous GOP senators sent a fruit basket to Norway.

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