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Responding to the latest mass shooting at Robb Elementary School at Uvalde, Texas the NRA released a statement saying flying flags at half-staff after such events is unpatriotic.

The Guardian reported on the shooting shortly after the tragedy occurred.

  • The shooting occurred in Uvalde, Texas, a town of about 15,000 people about 85 miles west of San Antonio in south-west Texas 
  • The shooter opened fire at Robb Elementary school. Its school district, Uvalde school district, has an enrollment of just under 600 students. 
  • Texas governor Greg Abbott said on Tuesday that the suspected gunman was an 18-year-old man named Salvador Romas. Abbott said that shooter is “deceased and it is believed responding officers killed him”.
  • The man had a handgun and “may have also had a rifle”, the governor said.

The NRA has a strategy book that it follows religiously when such massacres occur. First, their allies call for thoughts and prayers. This clever ruse makes people believe that they are, in fact, doing something productive when they aren’t.

At approximately the same time right-wing voices insist it’s not the time to discuss new gun control because, hey, the bodies of the dead victims are still warm. And who can rational at a time like that?

However, this time the NRA is trying a new way to shut down the conversation about gun control. The organization is promoting the idea that flying flags at half-staff is innately unpatriotic.

“Our flag is a proud flag. It was flown victoriously on the hill in Iwo Jima during the Civil War,” NRA President Andrew Canard said. “Men and women died so that flag can fly a full staff. Shame on those liberals who want otherwise.”

Republicans are predictably repeating the message. Senator Ted Cruz is vowing to fly the flag at his personal residence at full mast. When someone noted he doesn’t have a flagpole at his home, Senator Cruz replied, “Jesus knows he was talking about the flagpole of his heart.”

In related news, QAnon faithful flock to ‘Mars Jesus.’

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