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I was at work last night when I first learned of the Paris attacks. I’m guessing some of you are like me and were managing more than one screen at once. For serious news coverage I go to the BBC. To learn what the everyday American is going to hear I go to CNN. When I want to know what not to think FOX News gets a look.

And that was one screen.

My phone was my second. As some of you know I’m on Twitter quite a bit. I got some good commentary of the horrific events as they were happening from comedians and atheists.

Of course I made a few observations on what happened.

Here is a collection of notable tweets from others and a few of my own thoughts.

I’m not going to ask you to enjoy them, like I usually do.

I’m just bearing witness to last night’s tragedy.


Matt Oswalt





Star Trekmeme



I heard this next one this morning from a guest on FOX News. You may need to read this one twice.

FOX News








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