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People find God in many ways. I found God in a dream one time. He was hidden in an underground bunker and didn’t want to be bothered (true story). Towards the end of the dream I stared at one of those phrenology models of the head. It looked something like this:

A voice told me God “That’s where God lives.”

Some people really get to know God after suffering a head injury. I worked with men who suffered head trauma for 20 years. I got to learn a lot about God and the Devil and psychosis. It turns out God and the Devil can be banished with the right antipsychotic medication.

Other people find God in a rainbow. Does it matter if the Bible states the rainbow is a blinged out symbol for genocide?

Of course not.

The people in Clickhole’s video People Open Up About How They Started Believing In God After Finding A Big Bag Of Laundry In A Barn describe their epiphanies. It’s moving. And there’s more than one jibe aimed at atheists and other losers.

Check it out.

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