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Chris Revill is the host of the podcast Let’s Chat with Chris Revill. He is our guest for Best Advice Ever — the show where great people talk about the best advice they ever received.

Here’s how Chris describes his podcast:

“Lets Chat! With Chris Revill is a conversational podcast which has been featured on Vulture, The Rhode Island Monthly, Huffington Post, and has been one of the top 100 comedy podcasts on iTunes. Host Chris Revill seeks out guests who are apart of niche cultures from podcasting, punk rock, film, television, tech, behavioral health and beyond.”

Chris opens up about his experience with Eye Movement Desensitization and Movement therapy (EMDR). He has a lot to say about it, and how it changed his life.

YouTube video

Here’s the link to the video on YouTube.

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Here are two links about the therapy:


Scientific American

I hope you enjoy this episode of Best Advice Ever!

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