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Washington DC –  A little knowledge is a  dangerous thing, and President Trump is proving that saying true. On hearing the United States of America paid Mexico 15 million dollars after the Mexican-American War President Trump went on a Twitter-rage.

President Trump was meeting with campers from History Heroes Summer Camp. 5th grader Timmy Fiske was chatting with the commander-in-chief about the trade war between the United States and, well, everyone else. The conversation drifted to Mexico and the border wall when Timmy mentioned how the US paid Mexico after the Mexican-American War.

And that was enough for the President.

The meeting with the History Heroes was cut short. An emergency meeting of high-level staff called.  And everyone shuddered when the leader of the free world uttered, “Mexico is paying for my border wall and there’s no way they’re wiggling out of this one.”

Anonymous sources from the meeting admit no one mentioned the fact that by the end of the conflict Mexico lost one-third of its territory it had when it gained independence in 1821. Long ago staffers realized it was useless to reason with Trump when his face changed color from vibrant-orange to racist-red.

Some brave soul did ask, “What if they still refuse to pay?”

President Trump quipped then the treaty ending the war was null and void. The United States would seek additional territory from Mexico and still build the wall. The new southern border would be cheaper due to the geographical shape of Mexico. The further south the US border, the shorter the wall would be. Of course, the native population would need to be resettled since they would all be illegal aliens in the new states of New Trump, Ivanka, and East/West Putin.

The Mexican ambassador has not responded to the news.

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