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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is taking over for Democratic hopeful former Vice President Joe Biden. The man dubbed Hawt Ice will attend town halls, give speeches, and even debate President Donald Trump in the upcoming weeks.

“Thank freaking God,” stated one anonymous Democratic Party insider. “Hawt Ice will bring the heat and destroy the Republicans once and for all.”

The Democratic Party and Trudeau are acting as if nothing has changed in the campaign. The Prime Minister will in a sense cosplay the Democratic nominee through to election day. While the real Biden kicks his feet up in a COVID-19 bunker, the younger, smarter, and more charismatic man from the North will act as if he is the real Joe Biden.

Andrew Canard is the DNC strategist who came up with the idea. “Trudeau knows Biden’s entire biography and policy positions. He’s the 2020 Democratic candidate 2.0.”

Under the plan dubbed Operation Trojan Horse Trudeau will respond to any question like, “Aren’t you Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and not Joe Biden?” with a good-natured laugh and a smile. Political scientists are unanimous, no one will be able to resist the laugh and the smile from that man.

Won’t People Know Trudeau Isn’t Really Biden?

Mr. Canard states research shows one-third of the American electorate has no idea what’s going on in the country. These are the people who believe Austria is its own continent and think World War Two was between Earth and Mars. They will accept Trudeau as Biden.

“Most Democrats will be happy we’re having someone pinch-hit for Joe,” Canard quipped. “And we get to trigger Republicans. Why not give Qanon something to talk about?”

The political site 538 Politics is predicting an electoral landslide for Trudeau.

Canadians are 100% behind the plan. Everyone believes Donald Trump is an existential threat to the Canadian way of life. Of course, those who don’t like Trudeau are happy to get rid of him for a while.

In related news, the salad fallacy is tossed.


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