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I remember being in Times Square in 1987. It was before the place went Disney and you could still smell urine wafting in the air.

Oh, the good olde days.

My friend and I were visiting and and got a psychic reading. The psychic’s predictions were quite forgettable. No winning lottery ticket numbers. No warnings about my current romantic partner or ones in the future (that would’ve been useful). Just some vague fortune cookie observations about the wonders of being alive.

Crap like that.

Thomas Westbrook over at the Holy Koolaid YouTube channel is doing a small series of videos about psychics and their cheap Jedi mind tricks. Here’s the latest installment Psychic Methods Exposed – Cold Reading Tricks (Part 1).

Here’s part of what Thomas wrote for a description of the video:

Detecting psychic scams & debunking mediums is easier when you know how psychic methods like cold reading work. Don’t be fooled by psychic misdirection. Cold reading tricks are used by psychics to convince an audience that they know things that they don’t – using high probability guesses, generalized statements, and linguistic techniques.

Check it out.

YouTube video


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