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Dating is difficult under normal circumstances. Everyone has a horror story.

One of mine occurred years ago. I was on OkCupid and connected with a lovely woman. We texted a few times and decided to meet. At that point, I decided to do an in-depth look at how she answered a variety of questions on her dating profile.

She answered some of the big questions correctly.

Is the Moon bigger than the Sun?

Were dinosaurs real? 

(Yes, these were actual questions.)

And then there was this one, Have you ever tortured small animals for pleasure?

My friends, she did not answer that question correctly.

Some of you may be thinking She just hit the wrong button when she answered.


She explained the situation. She said she had a dark time in her life. And that led to her torturing small furry animals.

Needless to say, I called the date off.

Dating during the time of COVID-19 creates its own set of problems and technology is helping out.

Two men created the dating app Quarantine Together to help face the challenges of those single and ready to mingle in the age of contagion.

The app is text-based. Every day at 6 p.m., the app asks its registered users whether they washed their hands. If they say yes, they are introduced to another user by text. After 15 minutes, the matched users will be offered a link to video chat.

I like the idea of the app reminding you to wash your hands. Is there a way to synchronize that with bathroom use?

The future is unclear — for the country, the world, and Quarantine Together.

When Americans come out on the other side of the coronavirus crisis, whether features like video calls would still be relevant and appreciated in helping form a connection is yet to be determined.

Regardless, Quarantine Together saw about 200 sign-ups when it was launched. That has been growing by 50% every day, according to Ahmadizadeh. People who signed up for access to the app provided echoed their search for love and romance in the time of coronavirus.

“This time might be the best time in history to find love,” a user wrote, according to the app’s website.

To live is to hope…

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