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Russia invading Ukraine is a crisis that many in the United States do not fully understand. Many still can’t find Ukraine on a map. After learning about Russia’s history of aggression, some wonder, “How can Georgia be a state and a country? Shouldn’t there be a law against that?”

Our cub reporter Andy Canard went to find out how real Americans feel about this international crisis.

“There are only so many white people in the world! Stop killing each other!”

– William Gordon

“Isn’t there a country in Africa they can shoot at?”

– Angelica MacDonald

“We’re not gay.”

– GOP Senate candidates Henry “Bottoms Up” Himmler and Joey Speer

“The woke mob is killing us with pronouns. First, it’s the Ukraine. Now, it’s just Ukraine. WTF?”

– Thomas Carney

“God is using Putin.”

– Pat “Yes, I’m still alive” Robertson

You may not be too surprised that while the first four racists are purely fictional, Pat Robertson did say Putin is “compelled by God.”

Here’s the video of the so-called holy man espousing his deeply held thoughts and psychosis.

Russia invading Ukraine truly is one of the most dangerous developments we’ve seen since— well, maybe a few months ago with the Omicron surge.

Is this getting back to normal?

And what’s so good about normal?

*Thanks to for all the fictitious racist photos. That last pic of Pat Robertson was taken from the Twitter video.

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