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Professor Richard Dawkins, renowned author of The Selfish Gene, The God Delusion, and other books, has debated the existence of fictional beings for quite some time. The defender of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution rhetorically destroys opponents who argue for the existence of God, Allah, or any other deity.

However, Professor William Lane Craig (no relation to the Christian apologist) of the Theological Institute of Theology (TIT) is calling Professor Dawkins a coward. Dawkins refuses to publicly debate Craig on the existence of Batman.

”Craig’s written thirty books on Batman,” explained Batman alt-theorist Professor Andrew Canard. “He knows more about the Caped Crusader than anyone else on the planet. Maybe Joker knows more, but that guy hasn’t published in a peer-reviewed journal.”

Professor Dawkins insists debating Craig on the existence of the comic book superhero is just silly and a publicity stunt for Craig to promote his newest book On Guard: Defending Batman With Reason And Precision.

Batman believers are up in arms regarding this newest slight against their intellectual hero. Many believe Dawkins must be losing his nerve after watching countless videos of Craig demolishing Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) apologists.

”I saw a video where Craig spent five minutes showing that writer/director Joss Whedon is not God,” said one fan of Craig’s. “I just rewatched The Avengers movie and finally accepted Craig’s word as gospel.”

Friends of Professor Dawkins insist he has better things to do than muck about debating how many Robins there actually are or what Batman movies, if any, are canon.

Professor Dawkins released a statement saying Craig should find other ways to promote his book. For example, has he thought about renting a table at Comic-Con? If nothing else, perhaps the Batman defender of the faith could offer his book at the opening night of the upcoming movie Joker?


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