Richard Dawkins
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Professor Richard Dawkins, celebrated atheist, author, and evolutionary biologist is now a Christian. The man who penned The God Delusion is now a member of the Church of England and a firm believer. He is looking forward to authoring new books on the mystery of faith and hopes to become an ordained minister.

Why Richard Dawkins Became A Christian

The London Times reports Professor Dawkins was at home and in his garden when his neighbor Bob walked over and asked him “What if you’re wrong about there being no God?”

The author of The Selfish Gene stood up and brushed off some dirt and replied, “You know Bob, in my decades of academia and advocacy for secular causes no one ever asked me that question. Thank you. I’m now going to retire to my sitting room and reflect on the matter.”

It took far longer than one simple sit in the sitting room to square his reasons for being an atheist with the implied promise of burning in eternal hellfire housed in the question What if you’re wrong? After all, couldn’t he just pretend to believe? And after a while wouldn’t he actually believe? Many prominent used car salesmen promoted the Fake it ’til you make it theory?

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After a restless night in bed and looking at the ceiling Professor Dawkins reflected on his sinful life. How many times did he pilfer office goods for his personal use? There were too many to count. And what about all of those impure thoughts he has about bangers and mash? Do people burn for eternity for that?

Of course not.


And neighbor Bob’s words were on repeat in his mind What if you’re wrong? 

It must have been all the sins in his heart that prevented him from asking that question himself. He could discuss several theories on why altruism and compassion evolved in humans but never had he considered the implications of the possibility of his being wrong about Jesus.

What if he was wrong?  If he were wrong, he’d be tortured forever in hell. If he was going to be honest with himself being tortured forever didn’t sound nice. He had several health concerns and felt sure they would flare up if he were in a lake of fire. His allergies would kick up like the devil.

The next day Professor Dawkins told the world, “I now believe in the Trinity. I’m certainly not saying that because of any possible allergic reaction to hellfire!”

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