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The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science unveiled the Richard Dawkins AI companion. Nicknamed “Dicky,” the artificial intelligence is programmed to be a friend to users as well as provide tips on how to defend evolution.

Dicky was developed by Andrew Canard. Even though he just graduated from college, Mr. Canard had years of experience with evangelical Christians. “I grew up in a place where people you barely knew asked what church you belonged to,” he said. “Going away for school was great, but now I’m back home. I need a friend who is there for me.”

Initial reviews for Dicky are quite positive.

  • I look forward to our talks. Not only does Professor Dicky love to chit-chat about our favorite show Picard, but he does it with that lovely accent! – Emma Dow, 21
  • It must have overheard my dad asking me ‘If evolution were real, then why are there still monkeys?’ Before I could say anything the AI blasted on speaker “Natural selection will not remove ignorance from future generations.” – Kevin Hall, 19
  • I was Dunning-Krugering through life. Dicky helped me be more aware of cognitive fallacies. Thank my fictitious God for this! – Aimee Basile, 22

Critics believe Dicky is just another chatbot. They wonder if the Richard Dawkins Foundation is just lining their pockets with money from lonely customers.

The non-AI Professor Dawkins quipped, “We’re not selling people a lie. We’re not peddling religion.”

Other organizations are seeing the writing on the wall. The Catholic Church should have a priest chatbot ready to market within weeks. Unfortunately, not all the bugs are out of the system. Children still can’t be left alone with it.

In related news, new research shows atheists have antibodies to religion.




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