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Washington DC- Secretary of Energy Rick Perry regularly forgets which Department he is Secretary of sources report. So far this year Secretary Perry has forgotten 678 times. Last year the amount was staggering. Staffers stopped counting after hitting 10,000. “What was the use? It was like trying to keep track of a toddler gobbling down Cheerios,” one insider sighed.

Perry Forgetting  Is Unforgettable

Forgetting he is the Secretary of the Department of Energy harkens back to the 2011 debate when Perry forgot the third department he wanted to abolish. “After the meltdown, he kept on saying to me, ‘Andy, I felt like saying I want to get rid of the Department of Slavery but that just didn’t feel right,’” stated longtime associate  Andrew Canard.

Forgetting he is the Secretary of Energy is such a problem Secretary Perry is writing Department of Emergy on his palm. Staffers know emergy isn’t energy. No one is correcting Perry because he’s struggling and doing the best he can.

Unfortunately, the Secretary sweats a lot, and the script becomes unreadable.

“When he can’t read Department of Emergy it gets real bad,” one anonymous staffer relayed. “He just wings it. When he was on a state visit to Israel he said he was the Secretary of Skittles.”

Rick Perry – It Could Be Worse

Democrats in the House and Senate recognize Rick Perry is making a mess of the Department of Energy. However, they also recognize the Donald Trump’s White House dumpster fire is causing bigger problems than the Secretary of Energy forgetting, well, that he’s the Secretary of Energy.

”I’d rather have Rick Perry mucking about about then President Trump floating the idea of firing Special Prosecutor Mueller,” remarked Democratic Senator Dennis Bruno.

Many staffers currently employed by Secretary Perry just want it to be over even if it means they’d be out of a job. Some are rumored to be coaxing Perry to say something against Vladimir Putin. That would be the one surefire way of getting President Trump to fire Perry.


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