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Aimee Canard is a disappointment to her family, friends, and church. She’s 32 years old and still talks about misogyny and the patriarchy.

“She is such a pain!” said longtime friend Britney to their mutual friends behind Aimee’s back. “She’s still talking about the GOP’s War on Women. Why isn’t she into Hell’s Kitchen and pickleball?”

Aimee’s family has had enough of her acting like she can do anything about patriarchy. Mom notes she gave up fighting for women’s reproductive rights in her mid-twenties. Dad doesn’t have an opinion about anything, and he knows that’s why his corporate masters love his fat-free milk personality.

“Why is she always quoting Ruth Bader Ginsburg?” her younger and more successful sister Rebecca asked. “That’s so yesterday. Today belongs to Amy Coney Barrett.

“She allegedly thinks eradicating patriarchy will solve all the world’s problems, but doesn’t seem that interested in other ways people are trying to do that like dismantling capitalism, which she says is ‘unrealistic’,” says Aimee’s roommate, Megan Offrey.

When this author attempted to reach out to Aimee Canard, it turned out she was just a caricature. The author obviously had no idea what they were doing.

“In my defense, at least I didn’t write this crap,” he said.

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