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Is Mercury in retrograde? Is that why you’re feeling low? No. It’s the high price of fossil fuels. This story about fusion power will brighten up any dark days you have.

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Life may leave you feeling like you’re on a merry-go-round, Pisces. It could be worse. If you were on the planet Proxima d, you’d be spinning around its sun every 5 days!

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You will soon feel confused. Watching this 60-second video explaining Feynman diagrams may be the cause. Don’t worry, there is a 9-minute version too.

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Are you feeling blocked? Those suffering from sickle cell diseases have blood cells that clump up and form blockages. A new clinical trial is testing out a gene therapy that utilizes fetal hemoglobin.

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There are times we all feel invisible. No one sees or hears us. Society all too often ignores female scientists. The Smithsonian is displaying 120 statues to honor them and their contributions.

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When you roar, people make way for you. Koalas don’t roar. If they did, maybe they wouldn’t have just been put on the endangered species list.

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Is it time to clean out your shell? Who knows what secrets are in there? It turns out the Amazon could be hiding thousands of species of trees.

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Life may knock you down, but science will lift you up. Michel Roccati’s spinal cord was severed in an accident. This implant is helping him walk again.

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You weigh out decisions carefully. If our leaders treated climate change that way northeastern states wouldn’t be getting hit with more monster storms.

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You will feel robust and be able to take specific life lessons and generalize them to everyday life. Bigger neural networks allow computers to do something similar.

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Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. There’s probably an equation to express that phenomenon and you can bet this drag queen math wiz knows it.

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You will reflect on the classic Disney movie Bambi. What if it were made today? Would Bambi’s mom be infected with the Omicron variant? Because these deer caught it.

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