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Science is all around us and can offer glimmers of hope for the future. As Carl Sagan noted, science is a candle in the dark.


Your dreams and aspirations will take you far this week, Pisces. Someday, you may even fly in Peter Salzmann’s electric flying squirrel suit.

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Spring is in the air and the wind will be at your back. Unfortunately, for animals in the northern hemisphere, the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs hit the planet in the springtime.

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Crabby may be your middle name, Cancer, but this week you’ll open up and someone will be surprised. What else is surprising is how we may use neutrinos in the future.

image by @m_weber


Let out a roar! You will be praised for your mental acumen this week! Perhaps your acuity is from loading up on Caudovirales viruses?

image by @moll51


The scales of justice will swing in your favor this week! These Russian scientists are doing their part and speaking out against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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A situation at work may leave you hot under the collar. The way how scientist Rosalind Franklin got screwed may also leave you a bit agitated.

image by @enginakyurt


This week you will likely think twice about eating meat. After all, a new study shows vegetarians are less likely to get cancer.

image by @sadie_esch_laurent


After looking in the mirror you may just say, “Maybe it’s time to lose some fat.” A new gene therapy is combatting a toxic accumulation of fat in the brain.

image by @kidka


You are a shining star who’s going to be brightening someone’s day. Will you be brighter than a collision of dead stars? The answer is YES!

image by @krisroller

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