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You will read a horoscope that points out an ounce of preventing zoonotic diseases is better than a pound of cure.

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You may feel distracted this week but that’s okay. Even these canines need a lot of training to stay on track to find shy platypuses.

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Money is in the stars for you! If you already have a lot of cash. A new study shows poor people usually can’t pay off massive medical bills with crowdfunding.

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You will forget something this week. If you have had COVID-19, your brain fog could be from overactive microglia.

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Romance is in the air! Before going out for drinks with that certain someone, take the Audit Use Disorders Identification Test.

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You will roar “I can’t believe this is still a thing” this week when you hear once again there is no evidence Ivermectin is effective against COVID-19.

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You will feel the urge to go big or go home. However, that urge can get you killed. Just ask a male elephant seal.

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Tacos are in your future. These mysterious tasty treats may have their secrets unlocked thanks to this experiment with neutrinos.

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The scales of the universe are tipping in your favor, Libra! Health and wealth are on your way, especially if your doctor practices narrative medicine.

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You will struggle to understand why your coworker. Why can’t they wash their hands properly? Calm your spirit with this video explaining viruses.

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You could be haunted by New Year’s resolutions that didn’t work out. Don’t beat yourself up! Six-pack abs are more about looking good than being healthy.

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The high price of gas will pollute your aura this week. What’s worse is the 500 billion euros climate change has cost Europe.

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