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The scientific horoscope this week will show you where the future of computers is headed, how to reduce plastic usage, and the latest news on climate change from the UN.


Health will be on your mind, Pisces. You may feel fishy. Want some smart advice? Don’t get caught in the ever-growing net of pseudoscientific medicine.

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You may like butting heads with coworkers. Who doesn’t? However, new findings on brain injuries and sports may change your attitude.

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Keep your horns up, Taurus! You will encounter many unsupported assertions this week. Is Tyrannosaurus Rex actually three different species? A lot of scientists are saying “That’s a lot of bull!”

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You will feel beside yourself when thinking about plastic and pollution. This video will show you 5 ways to fight plastic waste!

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Even lions need to catnap! After reading this article with bad news from the latest UN report on climate change, you may want to practice some self-care.

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Headaches come in all shapes and sizes. You may experience a variety of them in the coming days. The Symphony of Science will ease your pain.

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Weighty issues are coming your way this week! Take a load off your shoulders and enjoy this article about the past, present, and future of computers.

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People may think you’re a bit threatening because you’re asking tough questions like, “Why isn’t the sky violet?” The answer may surprise them.

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You will think about eating meat sometime this week. Many are lowering their meat consumption. This article provides tips and tricks that can help.

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Loved ones may seek your counsel this week, Capricorn. You may wish to alert them to new research about cardiovascular problems after contracting Covid-19.

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Water is your element, and in the days ahead, you and your loved ones will benefit from research completed on the yacht “Gene Chaser.”

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