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The scientific horoscope this week covers renewable energy, spooky action, napping, and much more!


You may feel like you’re swimming upstream this week. Renewable energy faces challenges, too. Gravity may just help solve solar and wind’s biggest problem.

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This week will have you charging ahead, Aries. Scientists are also moving forward! Some are using mRNA technology to find an HIV vaccine.

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Those around you will admire your horns-up attitude! You don’t scare easily and NASA’s spooky action at a distance entanglement experiment won’t have you charging for the door.

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Allergies may be in your stars! On the bright side, suffering from allergies is better than contracting covid. A new study shows the effects covid has on the brain.

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You will laugh yourself out of your shell when you watch Fermilab’s Mr. Freeze have fun with liquid nitrogen.

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Roar loudly this week and others will take you seriously, Leo! But beware! If you’re taking long naps during the day it may be a sign of Alzheimer’s disease.

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You will amaze your coworkers this week with your ability to troubleshoot an awkward situation. NASA’s “Scout” system accurately predicted an asteroid would hit Earth minutes after its discovery.

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You will feel the weight of the world’s problems this week. However, when the world is dark, science is a candle. Check out the Nordic way to stop bullying in schools, and it may put a smile on your face.

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You are riding the wave and having a great time. You could math out the wavefunction if you really wanted to. Don’t understand quantum wavefunctions? This video can help!

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Your aim may falter this week, but practice makes perfect! NASA is aiming for the moon with its Space Launch System (SLS).

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You will feel a lot of pride after completing an important task this week. Paleontologist Craig Pfister is quite proud of unearthing the most complete Triceratops fossil ever.

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Warmer weather is in the sta, and you may learn something interesting about the rate that hot water freezes.

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