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For the first time, scientists showed the world the center of West Virginia’s black hole that is devouring President Joe Biden’s and the Democrat’s agenda. The picture confirms that Senator Joe Manchin is that black hole.

The massively dense object does not only consume massive amounts of federal spending that is sent to the state of West Virginia, but it’s also swallowing any chance of democracy surviving in the United States of America.

The Build Back Better Act, women’s rights, and several star systems are all victims of Black Hole Joe Manchin.

Chief Astronomer of Miskatonic University Andrew Canard

The team of astronomers obtained vital information concerning Black Hole Joe Manchin by turning on non-FOX News and reflecting, “Well, democracy was good while it lasted. Where can I buy my daughter a Handmaid’s uniform?”

Astrophysicists also confirmed Joe Manchin is emitting something akin to Hawking radiation. First theorized by famed theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, Hawking radiation is Radiation theoretically emitted from just outside the event horizon of a black hole.

The senior senator from West Virginia is no regular black hole, however. He’s effectively emitting massive pro-fascist vibe energy.

“There are GOP lawmakers like Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, Senator Paul Ryan, Texas Governor Gregg Abbott, Representative Matt Gaetz, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and many, many others emit massive fascist vibe energy,” explained Professor Andrew Canard. “But Joe Manchin takes the cake for Democrats.”

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