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Judge Andrew Canard of LA County ruled today that actor and Trump supporter Scott Baio needs to pay Judd Apatow’s production company, Apatow Productions, $1 million for what’s being called a frivolous lawsuit.

Mr. Baio rose to fame playing Chachi Arcola in the comedy series Happy Days. He later played the title character in Charles in Charge. However, he states that ever since a 2016 interview when he called President Obama “either dumb, a Muslim, or a Muslim sympathizer, and I don’t think he’s dumb” he’s struggled to find work in what he calls “liberal Hollywood.”

He feels his closeness to former President Trump also ruined his chances for work. In 2018 Then President Donald Trump nominated Baio to fill the position of Secretary of State.

Mr. Baio served as Secretary for approximately 12 minutes and 30 seconds before Trump fired him.

Several months ago Mr. Baio and his lawyers targeted several Hollywood producers for conspiring against him. The legal document stated that, “Apatow Productions actively lobbied” against him from getting roles and that it was the “chief company in the Jewish cabal” that keeps Christians out of the film business.

The judge ruled that “It’s self-evident that the plaintiff is weaponizing the legal system for some personal vendetta” and “the reason why he hasn’t gotten any work is that it’s also self-evident he has limited talent.” Desiring to send a message to other wannabe litigants Judge Canard ordered Baio to pay $1 million to Apatow.

Actor Kevin Sorbo may have played a demi-god in the series Hercules, but he too is a God-fearing Christian. His newest movie Left Behind: Rise of the Antichrist is making big waves in the faith-based community.

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There are considerable rumors coming out of Mr. Sorbo’s production company that the besieged Baio is the right sort of actor for future Left Behind flicks. Film critics believe it could be a match made in heaven.

In related news, far-right politician Marjorie Taylor Greene boasts her ‘love language is Trump.’

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