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Dominion Voting Systems’ ongoing lawsuit against FOX News reveals texts between Sean Hannity and FOX executives on how horrible a coworker Tucker Carlson actually is.

FOX News is charged with spreading falsehoods about Dominion and the efficacy of its voting machines. Dominion is seeking $1.6 billion in damages.

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Dominion’s lawyers obtained texts between FOX’s on-air personalities regarding the proponents of the Stop the Steal conspiracies. Even while Rudolph Giuliani and Sidney Powell were honored guests on the network and spreading lies, executives and show hosts knew the truth.

Tucker Carlson, host of Tucker Carlson Tonight, texted that “Sidney Powell is lying.” Sean Hannity noted that Giiliani was “acting like an insane person.”

However, the most surprising aspect of the communication is how toxic a coworker Tucker Carlson actually is.

Sean Hannity seems to be the person who had the least amount of patience with Carlson. “I was in the men’s bathroom washing my hands like a normal, healthy person and Tucker waltzes out of the toilet,” he wrote billionaire FOX owner Rupert Murdoch. “He didn’t flush. He didn’t wash his hands. And then he said to me, ‘You know the Germ Theory of Disease is just a theory.’ Mr. Murdoch, please talk to this guy.”

Laura Ingraham created a group text with female FOX professionals to trade horror stories about Carlson. One intern noted, “He intentionally farts around me.” Another woman noted, “He goes into the breakroom, takes all the donuts, and jams them in his pants. WTF?”

Professor Andrew Canard teaches Psychology at Miskatonic University. He believes the best way to combat toxic employees is to stab them with a #2 pencil. “It’s tough love,” he said. “It sends a message without having to go to human resources.” Canard recommends stabbing Carlson in the thigh where it’s unlikely to hit anything too important.

In related news, Disney sues Marjorie Taylor Greene for impersonating Cruella de Vil.

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