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Zach, the brainiest brain child over at Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, has a funny take on bedroom hijinx.

Hijinx? I don’t think I’ve used that word in a long time. Now I want to know the etymology of the word.

…1842, from name of games played at drinking parties (1690s). See jink. – from Online Etymology

I decided to look up jink.

jink (v.) 1715, “move nimbly; wheel or fling about in dancing,” a Scottish word of unknown origin. It also came to mean “elude, dodge” (1774); “to trick, cheat” (1785). As a noun, “act of eluding” (1786). For high jinks, see hijinks, the date of which suggests this word is older than the record. – from Online Etymology

Enough with the words, and onto the pictures and words.


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