With Elon Musk buying Twitter many users of the social media platform are looking for an alternative. Here are 3 to consider.

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Millions are looking for a social media alternative to Twitter due to American oligarch Elon Musk buying out the company and taking it private.

Those looking to leave Twitter are worried that Musk’s leadership will cause the platform to devolve into a Proud Boys rally led by former President Donald J. Trump.

But what are the alternatives to Twitter?

Here are three platforms you may not have heard of.


What is Bickr?

Bickr started in 2020 during the pandemic. Its creator, tech guru Andrew Canard, saw that neighbors, family, and frenemies weren’t able to get in each others’ faces and engage in low-intensity aggression.

“Bickr allows you to use passive-aggressive emojis as well as a tool to help you create awkward social spaces your family can’t escape from,” said Mr. Canard.


WmnGram is a social media platform designed specifically for women. Perhaps you are a young professional woman who’s suffering under a patriarchal boss who tells you to smile more during your annual review? Maybe you’re a teenage girl who wants to go into the STEM field, but all your male teachers stare at your boobs?

WmNGram helps you to repress all of those murderous impulses with funny filters for your pictures and videos.

Want to cover up the sound of you rage-crying in the bathroom? Don’t worry! WmNGram has all the jaunty music you’ll ever need.


This late-stage capitalism app allows the user to put a price on any and all deeply personal experiences.

Sellers list the most disturbing, awkard, and/or hilarious situations. Buyers get to bid against each other. The buyer who wins gets a unique NFT from the seller displaying that private moment.

Here are some real life listings on Commodofi

  • Joey Tennenbaum, age 13, telling his girlfriend he loves her for the very first time.
  • Project Manager Laurie Olsen singing We Don’t Talk About Bruno to her cat.
  • Former President Donald J. Trump crying himself to sleep after losing to Joe Biden.

Of course, there are other more traditional social media alternatives to Twitter like Reddit, Discord, and TikTok. However, they don’t measure up to the dysfunction you’ll find on Bickr, WmNGram, and Commodofi.

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