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In the wake of the last election, one of the areas that I am trying to be better at is communicating. When I say that it doesn’t mean I aspire to amping up my voice in the echo chamber (low chance of that since the cornerstone of my shtick is doubt — witness my Poes — and doubt doesn’t sell). What I’m intrigued with is talking to people who don’t agree with me, understanding where I could be wrong, as well as nudging the other person to a more skeptical/humanist world view.

That’s a big potato, Andy, you’re probably saying. Sure, but we all have windmills to tilt at, don’t we?

A few days ago I posted an interview with Anthony Magnabosco on street epistemology. Today, I’m sharing a video where Anthony chats with a woman named Emily. Emily has a belief in energy.

Check it out.

YouTube video

Interesting fact about me and my failed marriage is that my ex and I were in couples counseling off and on for 12 years or so. One of the methods therapists use is  having you say what you really think. Hearing yourself say irrational things is one of the best ways of getting rid of those beliefs. Anthony did an excellent job providing Emily the psychological space to talk about her  belief.


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