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scumbagMEMEA new study from the University of Blefuscu has conclusively shown that being an atheist offers zero (0%) protection from being a complete raging asshole.

The research team followed a group of 23,458 self-reported atheists over a five-year span. Copious amounts of raw data was collected such as: the subjects’ tipping habits, how many times they stated “You’re stupid if you believe that!”, and how many times they pointed out their romantic partners’ logical fallacies on St. Valentine’s Day.

The analysis of the data shows that atheism, when statistically separated from other variables such as the highest level of education achieved, income, and family background absolutely confers zero resistance from assholishness.

In fact, findings from this study have been compared to other psychological research in assholishness and has found that if a person was an asshole before becoming an atheist, then there is a far greater chance that person will become a bigger asshole once he or she becomes godless.

Researchers hypothesize that being correct regarding the nonexistence of a deity (or deities) has a tendency of inflating an a**hole’s perception that he or she is right about many subjects that have nothing to do with the nonexistence of a deity (or deities). Worse yet, this perception of being an expert on everything means that the a**hole is statistically more likely to go on YouTube in order to yell and scream on those issues of non-expertise.

What makes the situation more vexing is that social media makes it easier for godless assholes to find each other and join  in a senseless din.

While the findings of the study seems to paint a bleak picture of atheism, atheists can take solace that even the biggest atheist asshole has never blown up an abortion clinic.

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