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The Texas Board of Education created a new directive that prohibits the pronoun ‘they’ for all schools within the Lone Star State. Teachers, teacher aids, and principals will face jail time for not following the new regulation.

We are fighting those grooming our students by banning the LGBTQ pronoun ‘they.’

Texas Board of Education Secretary Andrew Canard

Governor Greg Abbott came up with the idea while on Twitter. The conservative Christian lawmaker stated he was alarmed when he saw how many education professionals listed their choice of pronouns as they/them.

“How can children thrive in an environment that is so militantly anti-Christian?” Governor Abbott told OnlySky media. “We need to make sure students are exposed only to Judeo-Christian pronouns.”

Texas schoolbooks are in the midst of being purged of they/them. Teams of volunteers from faith-based communities are using Sharpies to black out the offensive words. There is some controversy, however, due to the fact that only Southern Baptists are being allowed to censor the books.

Anonymous sources in the Abbott administration are saying that the volunteers are not just blotting out the pronouns. Seeing that there is little supervision, these religious zealots for Christ are getting rid of anything they don’t like. “It looks like kids won’t learn about evolution, the Sun-centered solar system, or anything about provocative like math,” one source said.

Democrats in the Lone Star State are vowing to fight the measure. Seeing that they are in the minority in the State House, however, there seems to be little they can do.

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