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The Atheist Pig asks a question and gets an answer that he probably doesn’t want in Here Comes The Judge.


The creator of The Atheist Pig has been on the Naked Diner podcast twice (here and here). I’ve found him to be an insightful guy. Like many people the election of Donald Trump caught him off guard. He summed up his thoughts in the piece The Fresh Taste of Crow in the Morning.

The election of Donald Trump, and the election cycle that preceded it, brought to the surface tensions and hostilities brewing in this country for years.

As with all things polarizing, when things break one way or another, the inevitable finger pointing starts, and this was the case over the last few days. Twitter and Facebook became battlegrounds with people hurling vituperations like pitching machines gone haywire. Full disclosure: I’m guilty of being quite the asshole on Twitter, which I realize is ironic given the above sentence. Hypocrite, thy name is Wisnton.

Check out the rest of the piece here.


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