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I sat down with Michael Wiseman to discuss his new book The Bible Says What!? 

Here is the book’s synopsis:

The Bible is considered to be one of the bestselling books of all time, but what is really in it? What does it actually say?

The Bible Says What!? is a direct and critical look at the Bible itself, exploring some of the most undefendable stories and ideas within it.

In this book, you will encounter harsh criticisms and hard truths, looking deeper into the verses that your local pastors refuse to address from the pulpit. This book is for the Christian who is not afraid to take that arduous journey into their own beliefs and challenge them. This book is for the atheist seeking information to use in their everyday conversations with Christians. It’s for the casual reader who is merely curious about what is in the book that Christians follow. This book is for you.

The Bible Says What!?  good book if you’re looking at an overview of the Bible and its main character, Yahweh. In it, you will find out Jesus is the world’s best circumciser, the musical apocalypse, and what’s going on with all those eyes and feathers.

Here is a bit about Michael:

Michael Wiseman is a former Christian, and the host of “The Bible Says What!?” the podcast. This atheist vs. Christian style show captures Michael’s one on one conversations with religious leaders from across the globe.

Michael was born and raised in a strict Christian home, where belief was not a choice but a requirement. Using the fear of eternal hell-fire, he was indoctrinated into the evangelical, holy-roller flavor of Christianity. Baptized and teaching Sunday School, Michael was hard-core for Jesus. As he grew older, so did his doubts. Sitting down and reading the bible led him to question his beliefs and doubt the validity of his fears.

Now an outspoken atheist, Michael uses his knowledge of the bible to challenge the beliefs of the faithful. Using their own holy book, he encourages believers to look into their strongly held beliefs. He spreads his unique slice of blasphemy and firebrand atheism from his make-shift recording studio in Las Vegas NV, where he lives with his wife and two boys.

Michael and I talked for an hour and shared a lot of laughs about the Bible.

I hope you enjoy it!

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