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It’s been a rough month or so since I last dumped a gaggle of memes here on OnlySky. In case you’ve been in a coma, there’s a lot of bad news. The Supreme Court pushed the United States closer to being a modern-day version of the O.K. Corral with its ruling on concealed weapons. And for an encore, the Court struck down Roe vs Wade leaving millions of conservatives ecstatic and women wondering what’s happened to their country.

I hope you enjoy these six memes. Some are jokes while others are simple observations. My personal favorite is the Ben Shapiro meme. It’s saucy!

Thanks for stopping by!

Oh, you noticed the last slide? I made that shirt for all the people who were once members of the GOP and had enough of all the craziness. (Dare I mention they make excellent gifts for friends and family members who’ve seen the light? I dared it!) You can pick one up here.

Andrew Hall escaped a childhood of religious indoctrination and is now a non-miserable human being. He's made millions of people laugh as well as angry. (He hopes he's made the right people annoyed.) Targets...

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