Reading Time: < 1 minute A lot of academic work is invisible and goes unrewarded...well, somehow a bunch of rewards just dropped into my lap all at once, so I thought I'd share them here (since my blog varies in its folklore content but that's kinda my main profession, at least for now!).
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Goodfellas Paul Sorvinomeme

I know I’m late for the Busting on Columbus Day Express. 


I had a whole routine of Joe Pesci as Columbus. Let me tell you something, that material only works with people who know what a fuck Columbus was and old enough to know who Joe Pesci is. Very small demographic.

In that spirit of good-natured gangsterism, I threw a quote from Columbus with a pic from Goodfellas.

*crickets chirping*

Screw all of you, it is funny.

Enjoy the 3.

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