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bloodI was at my doctor’s office the other day to get my yearly physical done. My blood pressure is alarmingly healthy. I say that because I’m not the healthiest person in the world. In fact it was higher a decade ago. At that time I was told to keep an eye on it or else. The else would be medication. I refuse to do pills if I can help it. I’m cheap, and besides the idea of taking a daily pill would be a reminder that I may not always be alive.


What’s weird about the situation is that I’m heavier now (a nice way to say fatter?). You would think that would drive my numbers up. But it hasn’t.

My doctor asked me what I ascribed my healthy blood pressure to.

It was then I realized that my heart is doing a bit better these days because I am totally out of fucks. And being out of fucks lowers your blood pressure apparently.

I gave a lot of fucks in my 30s. Now that I’m on the other side of 45 my fucks have been jettisoned.

And that’s how this meme came to be born.



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