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FBI agents found former President Donald Trump’s letters, notes, and other drawings at adult film actress Stormy Daniel’s home in Los Angeles. The papers paint a disturbing picture of the heart and mind of the former President.

Former President Trump copied pages of Mein Kampf onto legal pads just for the fun of it.

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The raid on Ms. Daniels’ home comes on the heels of classified documents being found at former Vice President Pence’s home. Though the discovery of the documents was embarrassing for Pence, he showed grace and dignity by cooperating with law enforcement just as President Biden did when classified papers were found in his garage.

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Sources in the FBI report they had credible evidence that Trump left an assortment of potentially self-incriminating documents at Ms. Daniels’ residence when they engaged in an illicit affair in 2006. Even though the “relationship” occurred years before he became President, the FBI decided the papers had to be secured in order that they don’t fall into the wrong hands and be used to blackmail Trump. “Look, what we found could’ve been used by Putin, China, or North Korea to get national secrets out of Trump,” said FBI Director Christopher Wray. “We had to do it.”

Anonymous sources in the FBI say that besides Trump’s handwritten copy of Mein Kampf, there were many doodles of sharks getting blown up. Officials are not surprised since Ms. Daniels mentioned on several occasions Trump’s phobia of sharks and how he never gave any money to pro-shark charities.

Ms. Daniels’ stated she had no idea that Trump had left anything at her residence. The papers were found in a box of knick-knacks. It’s hypothesized that Trump was rummaging around Daniels’ vintage Hummel collection one day and put his things there with them for safekeeping.

Former President Trump denies everything.

In related news, Tim Allen’s and Bill Cosby’s comedy tour is canceled due to “wokeness.”

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