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The following post was written by a friend of mine who goes by the pen name Artificial Intelligence. You can find him over on Facebook at Atheists Worldwide and on the blog Atheists Worldwide.

Recently my wife had her younger brother and sister over for dinner. We were sitting around talking about various things when my wife’s sister hands me a little booklet with a rubber band around it…


Now, mind you, it’s a few weeks past Halloween, and I’m not thinking much of this. I unwrap the little booklet (with a piece of candy nestled inside) and I see it’s a Halloween story. And this is where, as I like to say, “Shit got real.”


So at this point, I’m looking pissed off and feeling extremely irritated… I look up to see my wife’s little sister waiting with a big smile and eyes full of excitement to hear what I have to say about this, being an atheist herself and knowing my position. Well first off, it’s disgusting, probably one of the most disgusting things about living in a place where as an atheist people are not required to respect my beliefs. Yet I am required to respect religious individuals, which I do for the most part and TRY to be respectful. I have a hard time being serious when people try to talk to me about their phantom friend Jesus and his Pappy.

THIS is propaganda. It is being used to attempt to brainwash your children and teach them that we’re all naughty, and that Jesus’ blood was used to wash away our sins. Like life is some big game going on between God and Satan. If you have children (As I do) and you’re disgusted by this, please, feel free to make your own literature next Halloween. Because you KNOW it will NOT be met with the same patience I’m displaying right now. I’ve helped shape minds. I’ve helped educate, but I would never guilt or bully a child into believing in something. This indoctrination and punishment has to end!


This is wrong; this is sick. Our children don’t deserve to be told they are sinners and that people rise from the dead. An imagination is a terrible thing to waste on religion.


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