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Ryan Woods is many things. He’s a Salt Lake City resident. He’s gay. He’s a Mormon. He’s a fervent fan of former President Donald J Trump.

However, he doesn’t consider himself a drag queen even though Ryan’s alter ego is Lady Maga USA.

Let’s put a pin in that nomenclature hand grenade for a second.

In case you’re getting a sinking feeling in your stomach that’s something like, Oh, no I bet it’s just as bad as Trump releasing that single with the January 6th Prison’s Choir, then your tummy is 100% correct.

It’s time to take out that aforementioned pin.

As reported in LGBTQ Nation Ryan is firmly stating that he’s not a drag queen. Is it because the drag community wants nothing to do with Ryan because of his hatred towards people who are trans and his embrace of Trump? That does seem to make sense. If you ask Ryan, he is now calling himself a costume artist and not a drag queen because the drag community “destroyed their credibility with predatory filth.”

Comedian Rory Scovel touched on what most of us are thinking about gay Republicans. I think it may have some relevance concerning Lady Maga USA: costume artist.

YouTube video

Gay Republicans? What do they know that we don’t know?

Is there something online I can read to get caught up?

It’s like I’m trying to support you, but are you even trying to support you?

Yes, I realize I affiliate myself with a political party who doesn’t believe that I deserve to breathe the same air as other people. And a lot of them, if they knew they could get away with it, would probably try and kill me.

But you want to know something? At my core, I’m fiscally conservative.

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BTW, I’m on the last 30 pages of The Great Train Robbery by Michael Crichton. Sure, it’s a great read and you’ll learn a lot about London and mid-19th-century life, but what you will remember is all the Victorian-era gangster slang. The book is well worth the time.

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