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The war in Ukraine is about to enter a bloodier stage as Russian forces mass in order to push out the Ukrainian military from the Donbas region.

As the Ukrainian people fight for their lives, many Americans are rededicating themselves to stupidity. Our man on the street asked some of them what their thoughts are on the escalating conflict and the humanitarian tragedy.

I’m sending thoughts and prayers to the Uranians.

– Amy Fortiori

Tucker Carlson said Hillary Clinton is running critical race theory concentration camps over there.

– Tom Drake

Can I say the N-word? Please? It’s quite relevant to World War III.

– James “Double Whopper” Cammish

I’d like to use the N-word, too. Because Hunter Biden hates America.

– Karen McKaren

How can I summarize such a tragedy into a soundbite? Don’t include me in your train of stupid.

– William “Toshi” Pearce

If it isn’t a solution to a puzzle on Wheel of Fortune I’m not interested.

– Andrew Canard

God is testing us all. He’s testing some of us with fragmentation bombs. He’s testing me with the ball pit at Chuk E. Cheese.

– Father Coughlin

The war in Ukraine? Wake up sheeple! The real enemy is Jewish transexual uteruses who want to vote by mail.

– Dan Slade

In related news, Vladimir Putin hosts first ever Kremlin bake sale.

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