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CNN 538 just flipped Florida and North Carolina from Red to Blue. I don’t think the Donald can flip it back. That guy’s campaign is all momentum. It’s kinda like the German army in World War II – able to dish out punishment, but not able to take it (unlike the German army in WW I). I’m happy he’s losing. I just don’t like being wrong.


Here’s some funny for you.

Ismo Leikola – Superman (Stand up Comedy)

YouTube video

Space Beavers

Space Beavers 

Winston Hamilton, The Atheist Pig,  shows boiling down religion leaves you a residue of silliness in this comic Space Beavers.


Judd Apatow Commits Career Suicide with Chris Gethard

Some day I may have a career worthy enough to say it committed suicide. Maybe.

Invasive Species


The moral to this comic by Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal?  Inbreeding + invasive species = BAD

Donald Trump For Class President

YouTube video


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