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Making Sense of Trump’s Afghanistan War Strategy: The Daily Show is a funny look at American foreign policy in Afghanistan. 

Check out the video!

YouTube video

Let’s do a quick review.

  • More US troops.
  • No exit date.
  • India, can we hand this off to you?

OK, that last one isn’t exactly true. However, Trump is asking the giant on the subcontinent to do more. Let me emphasize more. Bloomberg News ran an op-ed piece Why India Should Buy Into Trump’s Plan. It pointed out India’s contribution to the cause:

To be fair, India is already doing a great deal, as the Afghan ambassador in New Delhi pointed out recently. It has built roads, electricity lines, a dam and even the Afghan Parliament building. Thousands of Afghan officers are trained in India. It sponsors hundreds of schools.

India is indeed in a tight spot. It is flanked to its north by one regime that is outright hostile (Pakistan) and another that is currently putting on the heat (China). Both of have nuclear weapons.

You can see why India is singing the song, “Oh, what a friend we have in the USA.” As the article points out, by supporting the US supported government in Afghanistan India gets to fight Pakistan’s power in that country.

Me? Afghanistan looks like a lost cause. It’s looked like that for a long time.

If India wants to get dragged deeper into Afghanistan by its new bestie, USA, good luck.

Oh, a quick point. Trump said we need to have a blah blah honorable ending to the conflict. Nixon said something like that as he was looking to get out of the Vietnam War.



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