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News stories we are covering:


Shortly before the deadly attack on the US Capitol on 6 January, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, Gen Mark Milley, told aides the US was facing a “Reichstag moment” because Donald Trump was preaching “the gospel of the Führer”, according to an eagerly awaited book about Trump’s last year in office.

Civil forfeiture

Maine became the fourth state in the nation to abolish civil asset forfeiture, a practice where law enforcement can seize property if they suspect it is connected to criminal activity, even if the owner is not convicted of a crime.

Legal Weed Is Gaining A Little Ground Among GOP Congressmen

Most congressional Democrats say it is time to end a federal prohibition on marijuana, and a growing number of Republicans agree.

“In a town that moves at a glacial pace, this is one [issue] that’s picked up a lot of energy over time,” said Rep. Dave Joyce, R-Ohio.

Summer camps

Public Health – Dayton & Montgomery County is investigating a COVID-19 outbreak out of Camp Chautauqua in Miamisburg with at least 30 confirmed cases. The Ohio Department of Health has issued a statewide alert after the exposure was discovered and alerted surrounding states.


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