Reading Time: 2 minutes Maybe you should ask yourself where you put the 5th Amendment!
Reading Time: 2 minutes

During his grueling four-hour deposition for New York Attorney General Letitia James’ lawyers, former President Donald J. Trump took the Fifth Amendment, then refused to give it back.

The New York Attorney General’s Office is investigating Trump on suspicion of financial malfeasance. There is evidence pointing to the former President manipulating financial information to lenders, insurance companies, and the IRS.

It was Andrew Canard Esq., a leading lawyer for James’ office, who noted President Trump had taken the Fifth Amendment but did not return it after the deposition ended. “He was just walking out of the office as if he wasn’t stealing one of the pillars of our democracy.”

I don’t know a Fifth Amendment. Never met them.

Former president Donald Trump after stuffing the Fifth Amendment down his pants

Security stopped Trump and his legal team and asked him to return the amendment. Sources state the 45th President of the United States uttered things like “witch hunt” and “I’m taking the Fifth Amendment—I don’t have to tell you anything.”

Brains can be befuddled by bullsheet. Approximately 25% of the American public is still under the MAGA spell. And for a split second, the security officers were, too. They let Trump walk out of the building despite a frantic squeaking in his trousers.

Experts are not surprised that the man who worked so hard at destroying American democracy while in office decided to steal one of the nation’s rights. One anonymous scholar noted, “Donald Trump is a crook. He’s going to steal anything that’s not bolted down.”

The Fifth Amendment is part of the Bill of Rights, which was written by James Madison. It guarantees due process of law and protects against double jeopardy as well as self-incrimination. Even though many Americans are concerned about its theft, several conservative Supreme Court Justices are giddy at the possibility they can turn the nation’s clock back to the Middle Ages.

“At last, we can make witches testify against themselves,” said Justice Amy Coney Barrett, turning the nation’s moral controls from Low-evil to Mid-evil.

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