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Washington DC – After playing golf at his Virginia club on Saturday and Sunday, President Trump asked the Twitterverse to take some time and pray for his golf game this Memorial Day.

My golf swing is rusty. The long game is short. My short game is in the rough. Ivanka doesn’tlike the way my balls look. Cook your hamburgers and weiners. Take some time and pray for my golf game this Memorial Day.

Trump Golfs

CNN reported President Trump took time on Saturday and Sunday to enjoy some face mask-free golfing at the Trump National Golf Club.

The presidential motorcade arrived at Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia, Saturday morning, according to pool reports. CNN’s Khalil Abdallah reported that the Secret Service members with Trump at the golf course were wearing masks, although the President and his golfing partners were not. The President was seen riding alone in his golf cart and a caddy didn’t appear to be with him, Abdallah reported.
The President was then seen golfing again at the property on Sunday.

The article pointed out Americans can go outside to enjoy the long weekend. However, they should exercise caution by practicing social distancing and wearing face masks.

Many experts pointed out since President Trump doesn’t respect the rule of law, how could we expect him to follow public health guidelines?

Evangelicals Rally Around Trump’s Golf Game

Evangelical leaders voiced support for Trump’s ailing golf game.

Reverend Andrew Canard of First Baptist Church of Little Rock, Arkansas is packing the pews with worshippers praying for the divine anointing of the commander-in chief’s golf swing.

“I’m scrunching my face up really hard,” Reverend Canard stated. “That way God knows  I’m serious.”

In related news, COVID-19 mutates into Donald Trump.

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