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The Ukrainian solar power plant just outside the city limits of Kyiv is on fire and is spewing toxic amounts of radiation. Reports state a Russian surface-to-surface rocket attack is to blame for the devastation.

Eyewitnesses say they saw a giant fireball erupt from the Joseph Stalin Killed 5 Million Ukrainians During the Great Famine electrical plant just before sunrise. Many are now cursing the day the city decided to go with dangerous renewable energy and not tried-and-true nuclear.

The electrical plant powered by the Sun provided electricity to approximately 34% of Kyiv’s homes. Without it, many residents are left in the dark as well as having to deal with possible radiation poisoning. Citizens are cautioned to stay under desks and tables until the area is deemed safe.

We were sold a big bag of lies by the solar-industrial complex.

Kyiv Mayor Andrewski Kanard

Russian President Vladimir Putin is telling the world this is a teachable moment. Solar power may seem like a great idea on paper, but what about the dangerous solamma radiation that can leak out during indiscriminate missile attacks by liberators?

Putin’s critics point out that the dictator wouldn’t have two pennies to rub together to fund the Russian war machine if it wasn’t for all the money it makes from fossil fuels. President Putin simply thanked Exxon-Mobil, Shell, BP, and all the other oil companies for subverting democratically-elected governments and making sure fossil fuels are the fuels of the future.

The United Nations Security Council is meeting and discussing what is to be done to protect other Ukrainian renewable power plants. Many experts are concerned about an outbreak of windmill cancer if the Russians destroy the wind farms in the central part of the country.

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