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Hi! This is one of OnlySky’s very own comedy contributors here to tell you all about Russia, Ukraine, and, well, GOP Christo-fascists.

You may ask yourself, “What does atheism have to do with politics? Isn’t atheism just applying skepticism to God belief?”

Cutting to the chase: NO.

In an ideal world where the Republican party hasn’t been hijacked by white supremacist evangelicals, maybe every secular person living in The States wouldn’t have to worry about ending up in a shallow grave while Oath Keepers sing God Bless the USA, badly.

But we don’t live in that world, do we?

I’ve been banging on about creeping (and not so creeping) authoritarianism and right-wing lunacy on my YouTube channel for some time. As you may guess, the Russian invasion of Ukraine and how it relates to US Christo-fascists is now a common topic for discussion.

What follows is the Thursday, February 24th, 2022 edition of my morning show. Not only do I talk about Ukraine and Russia but I take a look at Colin Kaepernick’s newest initiative. It’s 25 minutes of information and cats. (Look, I need to lighten up the show and so I throw in a few cat videos.)

Note: This is a recording of the live show. You’ll see me talk to people in the chat. If you want to join us the show is Monday-Friday and starts at 9 am ET.

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