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Littlerock, Arkansas – Governor of Arkansas Andrew Canard signed an executive order this morning rushing ventilators to gun stores to fight the coronavirus epidemic.

“People in other states are fixated on the elderly,” he told reporters. “Today, our great state answers the question, ‘What about the guns?'”

Are Gun Stores Essential?

Many political pundits view Arkansas’ bold move as leapfrogging over the debate of whether or not gun stores are essential businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

NPR reports:

More than 200 million people in about half of the states are under orders to stay indoors to slow the transmission of the coronavirus.

Under those decrees, businesses have closed unless deemed “essential,” which has sparked a nationwide debate among state and local leaders: Should gun stores be considered essential?

“A lot of people may find themselves in situations where they may need to be their own first responders,” said Michael Cargill, who runs Central Texas Gun Works in Austin.

The article goes on to say gun and ammo sales have shot through the roof since the outbreak.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) hasn’t reported on any uptick of gun-on-virus gun battles as of yet. Many sources believe the Trump administration wouldn’t allow such studies to occur in the first place.

Some believe this is yet another reason why to repeal the 2nd Amendment.

Ventilators For AR-15s

Dubbed Ventilators for Guns, Governor Canard’s executive order rushes all of the state’s 21 ventilators to Billy Mac’s Gun Emporium. 

Billy Mac runs the Emporium and happens to be a relative of Governor Canard’s. Mr. Mac insists nepotism has nothing to do with the current situation.

“I have twelve AR-15s already showing signs of infection. What if the Glocks catch it? Or heaven forbid, the bullets?” he asked.

In related news, President Trump fires Doctor Fauci and replaces him with Deepak Chopra.


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